In business there are always choices. Choices about where to spend time or money the most profitably

– so why are you building websites?


– which is more important?

In our online business – internet marketing one of the most challenging issues for small businesses is getting websites rolled out. It can even have an effect upon the type of business we run.

Many, many people are better at making money than at making websites.

That’s where I come in.

I make niche websites that work.

I and my colleagues concentrate on making sites that are designed to make your life easier, we’ve been doing this for more than 10 years!.

Niche websites that add unique, informative and interesting content automatically

Sites that are monetised automatically

Sites that are SEO’d automatically

Sites that even get backlinks automatically

But in order to get the best from the search engines and from your human visitors I recommend you add your own voice and personality and we make that easy too!


What Goes Into YOUR NEW Niche Website?

  • Your site is built using WordPress, still the most versatile and popular way to build human and search engine friendly websites.

  • Get your readers clicking on your affiliate links with a pre-sell article written just for your site!

  • Attract reader attention and engagement with our attractive front page image slider set up with high quality images

  • Get your new site off to a flying start with 7 unique articles, each around 700 words in length, designed to interest your site visitors.

  • Your site will be set up and installed with the best plugins to make your site work as well as possible.

  • On page SEO will be set up ready for you – if you choose – nothing extra needs to be done. Even the very important job of tagging your articles is done automatically for you.

  • Earn money automatically with affiliate links automatically embedded into articles, banners and ad boxes across your site.

  • Your site will always look fresh and new on any size screen with our fully responsive premium theme.

  • Your site secured against hackers and thieves using a custom configured security toolbox.

  • Protect yourself against legal problems and keep that search engine love with customised legal pages configured for your business.

  • We will add up to 20 of your own articles to the site for you.

  • Site visitors will love the collection of royalty free stock images that we wil install on your site to use in posts, thumbnails, sliders etc.

  • Keep your site fresh and interesting with fresh, unique, content every day for at least six months.

  • Keep readers on your pages and clicking your links with our exclusive videos on each page – just add our custom shortcode to your articles and the magic happens automatically!

How Will You Make Money With Your New Site?

  • Clickbank: Each site will carry banners for relevant Clickbank products. In addition relevant keywords in your site will automatically be linked to relevant and popular Clickbank offers – text links are reckoned to be the most powerful way of linking prospects to sales.


  • Google Adsense: Still the best and most widely available advertising network

Every site will carry Adsense tools even if they are not activated so you can change your mind later, if you choose.

What Will Your New Website Look Like?

I knew you’d want to know what these sites look like, so here’s an example. The site you get will look similar but will each differ slightly in layout, photographs, colour schemes and, of course the content will be very different.

Niche Affiliate Website Demo (page opens in a new window)

Is there anything else?

Hmmm… so we build you a unique site in a niche of your choice

We provide you with unique, high quality content

We optimise the site for the search engines.

We monetise the site for you

We even install the site for you on your cPanel hosting

There couldn’t be anything else could there?

Well, Maybe There Is…

FREE WordPress training: We will set you up with a complete WordPress video training course that will give you confidence to run your new WordPress sites.

Link Building Campaign: We will run an link building campaign for you during your first month. Starting you off with a network of links that can serve you well for months and maybe years to come.

Search Engine Indexing Campaign: To top it all off, as we add content to your site each day we use a reputable indexing service to make sure that search engines know about new articles – you certainly will not be invisible!

 I don’t think there’s an offer anything like this anywhere on the internet – I did some looking. 😉

I wanted to bring this service in at a price that was economic to those wanting to build a network of sites and those just starting out. This meant that charging $150 or more as others are doing for anything remotely like this was not on the cards.

Here’s the deal. We are going to start this offer with a price of just $87 for your new site from our list of almost 150 niches.

If you want a niche site building then just check out the list below, think about the site(s) you’d like to build and click the ‘Order Now’ button. You can tell me the niche(s) you want, we will exchange some info and get building for you. In less than a week we will have your new site installed and running for you. If we get very busy we might have to ask you to wait a little longer.

Get busy making money and click the ORDER NOW! button!

Automated Websites

These Are The Niches In Which We Are Currently Making Niche Affiliate Websites With Included Content.

Need something else? Email me at [email protected] and let’s talk!

    Acid Reflux   Acne   Acupuncture
    Affiliate Marketing   Aging   Allergies
    Anxiety   Arthritis   Article Marketing
    Arts And Crafts   Asthma   Auto Repair
    Back Pain   Baseball   Basketball
    Beauty   Blogging   Camping
    Cancer   Car Shopping   Carpet Cleaning
    Cats   Cell Phones   Cellulite
    Chiropractic Care   Coffee   College
    Cooking   Cosmetic Surgery   Coupons
    Credit Cards   Credit Repair   Debt Consolidation
    Dental Care   Depression   Desktop Computers
    Diabetes   Dog Training   Dogs
    Eczema   Email Marketing   Employment
    Eye Care   Facebook Marketing   Fashion
    Fishing   Fitness   Football
    Forex   Furniture   Gardening
    Gold   Golf   Green Energy
    Hair Care   Hair Loss   Hemorrhoids
    Hobbies   Home Business   Home Improvement
    Home Mortgages   Home Security   Homeschooling
    Hotels   HVAC   Insomnia
    Insurance – Auto   Insurance – General   Insurance – Health
    Insurance – Home Owner’s      Insurance – Life   Interior Design
    Internet Marketing   Investing   Ipad
    Iphone   Jewelry   Juicing
    Landscaping   Laptops   Lawyers
    Lead Generation   Leadership   Learn Guitar
    Locksmiths   Make Money Online   Massage
    Memory   Mobile Marketing   Multi-level Marketing
    Muscle Building   Music Downloads   Network Marketing
    Nutrition   Online Shopping   Organic Gardening
    Panic Attacks   Parenting   Payday Loans
    Personal Bankruptcy   Personal Development      Personal Finance
    Personal Injury   Pest Control   Photography
    Plumbing   Pregnancy   Public Speaking
    Quit Smoking   Real Estate – Buying   Real Estate – Commercial
    Real Estate – Selling   Real Estate Investing   Reputation Management
    Retirement   Roofing   Search Engine Optimization   
    Shoes   Skin Care   Sleep Apnea
    Snoring   Soccer   Social Media Marketing
    Solar Energy   Stock Market   Stress
    Student Loans   Teeth Whitening   Time Management
    Tinnitus   Toys   Travel
    Video Games   Video Marketing   Vitamins And Minerals
    Web Design   Web Hosting   Weddings
    Weight Loss   Wine   Woodworking
    WordPress   Yeast Infection


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