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The potential growth that the digital field holds for online marketers in 2013 has the industry abuzz with ideas and awash in opportunistic optimism.  In preparation, many savvy marketers are moving their offline budget into online channels that are more calculable.

ZenithOptimedia recently released a report that predicts the growth of Internet marketing and advertising by 14.6% in the upcoming year while traditional media will only see a dismal 1.7% spike.  Going even further than that, digital advertising is expected to continue this trend until it comprises one quarter of all media spending by the year 2015.

English: Infographic on how Social Media are b...

English: Infographic on how Social Media are being used, and how everything is changed by them. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In order to do this, you’ll need a few strategies that will allow you to tap into different online channels and then weave them together to form the ultimate branding machine for 2013.  Here are some great tips for moving forward this year with your digital communications:

Strategizing Integrated Digital Communications

Identifying your key social media channels and then coming up with a strategy to integrate your communication plans for both social and traditional marketing vehicles is key. This can be as simple as bringing up a topic of conversation on each of your channels. While the topic should be the same across the boards, customize the conversation to fit the medium it is taking place on (no copy/pasting!).  Then, analyze the data and see where the feedback is similar and where it differs, allowing you to better adjust your target market groups and allocate them to the proper marketing channels.

Crisis Management in the Social Age

Of course, since social media is so new and so instantaneous with its feedback (not to mention the Internet is filled with trolls), you’re bound to make some kind of mistake sooner or later.  Whether it’s huge or miniscule, you have to take some quick steps to correct the blunder.  Keep the Four points clearly in mind:

Humbled – Be Real – Be Honest – Be Direct

Tackle the issue directly; tell your fan/client base where they can go if they have questions, tell them you’ve learned from the mistake and that measures are being put into place so it doesn’t happen again.  But most of all, get on it quickly before it gets out of hand.

Recognize that Social Media is So Much More

Social media is about connecting with others, not just keeping up with the latest promotions or news.  Tap into the actual social aspect of it and help foster a community where people can connect with one another.  Speak directly to your audience and build consumer confidence by providing useful, smart information to them. You can build your marketing around that trust from there.

Short, Smart and Sweet

Always keep your posts quick and to the point.  Nobody has time to read long status updates so keep them under 100 characters. Provide a link for them to click if they want to learn more and have the time.  Also, make sure whatever you are posting is worth reading.  Think about it like this: you want shares to up your Facebook Edge so give them stuff they’d want their friends or colleagues to see.  Use a CTA such as “Share with your friends” or “Pass it on!”  And finally, make sure the post is something that you are okay with being out there forever because it will be.  Each social media message represents you or your brand, so make them polite and sweet.

Know Your Search Engines

Most people know that Google is the biggest search engine used, but did you know that Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other sites of the same ilk are ALSO search engines?  Make sure you rank on all of them, not just Google.  Too much focus on Panda will leave you eating bamboo instead of profits this year.

For a premier training course on social media management check out “Let’s Get Social” from Kate Buck and Ryan Deiss.

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