Some Simple Ways to Find Guest Posting Opportunities

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Guest posting, or guest blogging, is where you write some content for someone else’s blog. They get content for their blog and you get an authoritative, contextual backlink, and possibly direct traffic from this other person’s blog. It is a win-win situation and it is a great way to get targeted traffic and high quality back links. On this page I’m going to give you some tips for finding good guest posting opportunities.

 One way to find guest posting opportunities is to use social media. You can do a search on twitter or you can even set up an RSS feed on twitter with a query like “guest post” or “guest author” and then you can check the RSS feed every day on your RSS reader. You can do something similar with other social media sites and you can even post on social media sites that you are looking for guest posting opportunities.

Another way to find guest posting opportunities is to use your favorite search engine. The phrases to search for will vary quite a bit because different bloggers will use different terminology on their website. You can enter your niche and any of the following search queries to find guest posting opportunities:

“guest post” “submit an article” “write for us” “become an author” “become a contributor” “become a guest writer” “add blog post” “contribute to our site”

Finding possible guest posting opportunities is only one part of the equation. You will also want to make sure that you are adding your content to a quality site. If you’re going to spend time or money writing original content to put on someone else’s blog you want to make sure that you have a good chance of getting some direct traffic and a high quality back link. One thing you can look for is a site that has some PageRank. If you use Firefox for your web browser there are some plug-ins that will tell you what the PageRank for a particular page is. You can also use a search engine and search for PageRank checker and you’ll have plenty of options for checking PageRank.

You’ll also want to look for a site that is well maintained. Check the dates on their recent posts to see if they are posting new content to their blog on a regular basis. To get an idea of whether a blog gets a lot of traffic, see how many comments their posts are getting. If there are a lot of people commenting, there are a lot of people reading. The more people reading the better because if you provide high-quality content, a good percentage of those people will click your link and visit your website.

When you start doing guest posts on multiple blogs (while hopefully also getting traffic from various other sources) you should focus on tracking not only where your traffic is coming from, but also which traffic sources are getting results for you. If you don’t already have a way of tracking your results you’ll want to take a look at Adtrackzpro.

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