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Mobile apps are the new marketing wave of the future, what with everyone having tablets, androids, iPhones and the works. The Internet has become a handheld technology that is on the move with the world and that’s just where you want your money to be coming from. Now, we’re not going to get into making mobile apps, that’s relatively easy. But learning how to monetize those apps can be the tricky part since it seems that everyone and their mother has one nowadays.

With over a billion apps already downloaded from the Apple app store, the annual growth of mobile apps doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime in the near future. This market is too big to let go untapped so if you’re not plugged in, you’re bound to be left out in the cold during this mobile revolution. Gone are the days where you could simply ignore this facet of online marketing because you don’t understand the technology; the strategies are here right in this article and they’re yours for the taking.

How to Make Money from Mobile Apps

There are a few ways that money is generated from mobile apps. Starting with the most basic, you can simply sell your applications through the websites such as Apple and Android which have already been established and are proven money-makers.

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Millions of app users visit these sites daily, searching for ways to better their businesses or personal mobile uses. You can easily set up stores in both of these websites to monetize your mobile apps.

But because there are so many apps out there in the sea, you’re going to have to use some advertising strategies to gain more income out of these apps. One method to doing this is to advertise websites through your apps. There are many companies already set up that make this extremely easy for you by serving advertisements to developers or to companies with pre-developed apps. You can pull in tons of commission just by displaying your ads through pay-per-click (PPC) and CPA ad campaigns. Check out sites such as:,, or

Making Money From Within the Mobile App

Another smart way to make money with your mobile app is to follow in the footsteps of real estate or technology industries and charge a one-time fee or monthly fees for your app. While many decide that they’d rather forgo this method and simply provide free downloads, if you package your product correctly, you should have no trouble at all making money from the actual app itself.

The key here is not to be afraid to charge for your product. For starters, it lets people know that your product is worth something right off the bat. Consider some sort of special sales incentive that will help push the mobile app onto consumers, helping you to make those ever important conversions.

This style of online mobile marketing is known as in-app billing. There are various methods and providers that can facilitate the monetization of your mobile app from the inside, allowing you to set up your own account that will accept customer payments. This is works almost exactly like any other merchant account, right down to the payment processing fees (in most cases). Check out some sites like these to help you get started:,,, or

For a course on how to profit from the Mobile App market check out the Mobile App Business Start Up Kit.


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