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Long time marketer and infopreneur. I have been making a living online since 2005 and helping others do the same since almost as long.

I trained as an economist with particular interest in the transition economies of the FSU.

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A few weeks ago I wrote about PLRPro and how I liked the type of content that they were adding to their content library. I just wanted to make a quick update to the content that I have added to some of my niche sites:

Acoustic Guitar, Astrological Beliefs, Tattoo Designs, Screenwriting, Content Curation, Emergency Preparedness, Ultimate Survival. These are just a few of the packages that I have treated myself to.

This is the PLR site to use if you want good content a little out of the ordinary, where one can use the content as the backbone of a mini site in an under served niche rather than yet another site about acne or weight loss. This is not filler content but inforamtive and interesting articles that hang together as a whle – great for new niche sites or ebooks.

The price is an unchanged $10 per niche falling to just $3 depending upon how many niches you want to buy. The cool thing is that you are able to order in a very flexible manner by upgrading or downgrading a subecription or just buying content strictly as and when you need it. Ten packages – 400 articles will cost just less than $50.

Niche marketers look here first. PLRPRO – High Quality Articles. (BTW, as at writing this, I m not even an affiliate of PLRPro.)

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