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Long time marketer and infopreneur. I have been making a living online since 2005 and helping others do the same since almost as long.

I trained as an economist with particular interest in the transition economies of the FSU.

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I just came across (and bought) a new piece of Content rewriting software, called Content Spooler, that can really help users of LAMMS and that when we get to BAMMs will be an absolute Godsend.

Anyone who knows me knows that I think very, very little of most content rewriters, article spinners or as I prefer to call them ‘content manglers’. They either take longer to use than it takes to manually rewrite an article and/or produce output that is a steaming pile of cow poo.

But there is one strategy that, if implemented well, can be very good. It is simple matrix substitution, but the problem is that it takes time to set up.

Anyhoo, I found what seems to be an excellent implementation of matrix substitution, simple and very effective. Rather than try to explain, just have a look at the video here: www.contentspooler.com (no affiliate program)

If you like what you see then buy it before the price goes up. I paid $30. Price is now $47. Whilst I don’t much like it when producers of products go round raising prices as a marketing tactic maybe it is worth being quick with investigating my recommends. 😉

When I looked at the video, all of a sudden I could see visions of multiple blogs each carrying unique content, but all focussed upon the same or complementary niches.

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