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Article Builder, the best way to create unique content fast?

Since we restarted our Automated Website Building Service back in March 2012 we have installed many hundreds of sites and all have been filled with unique content that fits the site niches very well indeed. Each site gets at least one new, good quality, unique article per day for a cost of just a few dollars.

We can only manage this feat by using a service called ArticleBuilder from Jon Leger, the bloke behind The Best Spinner and other class leading products and services.

Recently clients have started to ask about how we manage the feat of providing the content in a site building package that costs less than $60 per site and as a result this article is being written.

Article Builder is a service that provides high quality, unique content for your websites. Content is available in over 80 niches, growing on almost a weekly basis as Jon’s writing team add either a new category of content or additional content for existing categories.

What Jon has managed to achieve is this:
To provide an essentially endless stream of unique articles that are readable and informative and that although assembled by computer are all hand written and are thus indexed and ranked by search engines such as Google with no problem.

There are tens of thousands, probably by now in the hundreds of thousands of article paragraphs in over 80 user demanded niches, with more niches added as time goes by.

Each of those paragraphs can be assembled on demand with as many other paragraphs as are needed to suit the users’ specification as to word count and each group of body paragraphs is matched with an appropriate opening and closing paragraph and a title which is usually very appropriate to the topic.

The result is a very readable article of a type that is a perennial favourite with website visitors. I have seen nothing similar to this from any other source, there is no trickery with funny encoding (but users can choose to use it if they want, there is an option but the experienced folks using this tool know it is not needed and fools nobody or nothing that matters.

As well as being able to produce articles for download the system can also act as a blog poster, sending out articles to your blogs on your schedule but more than that there is a facility to automatically add video or photos to articles, selected by the system to match the content as far as possible and only using correctly licensed video and images.

If you want your articles can be posted with appropriate ClickBank product links – with your affiliate code, of course and as a final flourish there are some features such as adding subheadings and automatically replacing LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords with a view to increasing readability for readers and authority from search engines. Here’s an example of an Article Builder article on this very site: Article Builder content on this site

One option that people do not use as much as they should is Article Builder’s unique ability to create new, unique content from ‘used’ articles. This feature is called Content Injection and it works by adding content from the ArticleBuilder database to existing content. The search engines treat the resulting content as if it were brand new, which, of course it is. There are several formatting options but here is a basic application of the technique that makes old articles into new hundreds of times every day: Content Injection makes old PLR new

A question that I have been asked is this: How can I use the content from Article Builder?

Here’s just a few ways:

  • Creating unique content for your websites
  • Making high quality content for your back linking projects (SE Nuke XCR supports use of Article Builder baked into the software!)
  • Creating articles for sale to others
  • Using in websites designed for sale to others or for flipping
  • Making existing site content unique through Content Injection
  • Refreshing existing PLR sitting on your hard drive

…basically, any place where you need decent quality content then you can probably use Article Builder.

Some people are a little worried that Article Builder is long winded or hard to use, neither f these worries is true, it takes just seconds to create a package of 20 articles to download and setting up a new blog to receive content from Article Builder’s blog poster takes me and my colleagues maybe a minute or two to set up and once it is done we never need to revisit the site to add content ever again. Content just drops on to the site on whatever schedule we choose and in the categories we choose. For my money this material is as good in terms of reading value as anything I’d pay up to $10 per article for yet each AB article cost just a fraction of a cent.

I was a client of this system from, if I remember correctly, the first day that it went on sale, I was even a client of the original version that launched in 2006 and provided me with great success, this is a long term project from Jon and it will be very hard for anyone else to catch up with Article Builder.

If I seem very enthusiastic about this service it is because I am! There are not many Internet Marketing or SEO tools that I use as much as this one. I once told a colleague that in my opinion anyone who needs content for their websites and/or for back linking would be missing a real trick by not getting signed up and using ArticleBuilder’s toolbox.

I will go into more detail in a later post about exactly how to harness the power of Article Builder’s unique content creation functions.

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