How Is Content Curation After Recent Google Updates

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The news about the Google’s plan to change its algorithm was in the grapevine long before the Panda and Penguin Updates were released in late April 2012. It was a signal for big changes for Internet marketers and publishers. Strategies that used to give juice to content have been weakened. Since then, hundreds of thousands of sites have been decimated and many more are awaiting the same fate if the quality of the website content will fail to meet the standards set by Google. These days, many web marketers look upon content curation as a redeeming feature. Do you want to know what is content curation and how does it help webmasters to conform to the Updates?

Content Curation: The Concept

The word curation was first used to mean the sorting and organization of museum pieces to be able assign value to the items. This helps determine which goes to storage and which are to be put up on exhibits. This essential step needs to be done in museum because artifacts and other museum pieces just keep on coming. Without any system of getting these sorted and organized, it will be physically impossible to keep all the items that keep on growing in number and it will be hard to ascertain their quality as well.

It is the same with the web content. Imagine how many websites there are and how much content is found in all these websites. Without content curation, there is a danger that many superb articles will get lost in the sea of contents. The process allows for the identification of great quality articles and keeping these accessible to users just like museum pieces on display. What is content curation in simple term? Content curation is the process by which the vast collection of contents is streamlined with the quality content being pushed to the forefront so that these are made more accessible to users.

Finding and Sharing Value

These days content curation is coming alive not only because it is the buzzword after the Google Updates but also because this is a strategy that can help publishers and webmasters meet the challenges posed by Google. This is because curation of content has the ability to further improve the value of content and keep it mainstream for as long as it takes.

Fundamentally, content curation has three important stages: finding the content, sorting and organizing the content, and sharing the content.

• Finding the content that deserves to be curated is analogous to finding a rare treasure to be displayed in the museum. This is not an easy task considering the vastness of the Internet and the overwhelming number of contents out there. While curation has always been regarded as an approach that requires the human touch, a little technology in the form of finding tools help to find the right contents for curation.

• Sorting and organizing the content is very subjective. A tool cannot provide that kind of value, yet some still use tools to get that done. This is critical because this is the stage when the value of the content is assessed. While there are tools that can be used to make the process faster, it is definitely less efficient than a human curator is.

• Sharing the curated content is most important because that is the main process to keep the curated content mainstream. The value of the content goes higher as these are shared and as the audience talks and discusses it.

There are debates going on pitting content creation and content curation. If you know what is content curation and content creation, you just have to reconcile that both are important. Content curation only happens when content is created and created content can increase in value with content curation. That kind of relationship must be able to settle the debate.

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