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OK, so they may not be new as in ‘written yesterday’ but they are new to me.

There are two that I have been looking at over the past couple of days. The first is One Click Plugin Updater

I hear the collective cry ‘but Andrew, WordPress already has an updater!’ and I would say ‘yes, but not like this one!’

Actually this one allows users to add plugins and themes to their blog from within WordPress thus saving a bit of messing around. The author notes that the plugion is moving toward obsolesence as WP takes the functionality of the plugin and makes part of the core WP application.

The second is called ‘Better Blogroll Widget’ and this is a cool tool. With this you can have your blogroll links changing at random and even use it as a basic ad rotator. I’ll let the developer tell you all about it though.

The Blogroll widget excites me because I can see how to use my blogrolls to provide links to my other sites without having to have a huge long blogroll making the sidebars look ugly. I also like the idea of being able to easily sell text links to other webmasters and companies and BBW certianly makes that easier, especially as I can even use to manage image ads.

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