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All publishers at this point must have already realized the value of content curation in the face of the information overload in the Internet and the challenges put forth by Google with its new Updates. Before jumping into the bandwagon, so to speak, one must realize that this is not just a fad that will soon go. Most experts believe that it is here to stay. Therefore, it is important to appreciate the unique situations that come along with curation of content and how to best deal with them. In most of these cases, the need to use the best content curation tools form part of the sensible solutions.

Appreciation of Issues and Solutions

Indeed, there are many issues that are connected with content curation. The most important of which is finding the right top quality content to curate. Despite the traditional connotation that curation must be purely done manually by a curator just like what a museum curator does, it is virtually impossible. Imagine the quintillion content in the digital world. How can anyone dig into it and come out of it just as easily and efficiently? That means not being able to dig enough which means failing in one’s mission to discover the best content to curate.

Finding the Best Content Curation Tools

There are many tools that curators use these days use. One must be knowledgeable about the various tools to be able to pick the best curation tools for one’s purpose. It is often said that “tools are not made equal.” So it is really important to find the right one for you. For example, if you are curating videos or photos, Pinterest can be suitable for your purpose. If you are curating news, you might want to check out NewsMe and Scoop.It or Searcheeze if you are working on magazine content. For social media curation, you may want to use Twylah and Atomic Reach if your concern is about branding.

English: A pie chart of the usage share of web...

English: A pie chart of the usage share of web browsers using data from the median values of the summary table of Usage share of web browsers. It was created using Google Chart Tools. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

• If you are a beginner, you can take up the suggestions of those who have trodden the paths first or those made by curation experts. If it worked for them, it can work for you too.

• There are also free tools that you can use. Scour the Internet for these free curation tools. You can try these and if you think it is working well for you, most have paid versions that you can upgrade to.

• Pick a tool that can do a lot of things for you. Content curation involves gathering of top quality content, organizing them by categories for easier access, adding value to them before sharing them to the social communities. The best content curation tools are those that can help do much of the tasks involved in these processes.

• The best tools to use when finding the best content materials in the Web is something that can take the curator right where the most useful and relevant contents are. Remember that you are digging through quintillion content; you need every help that you can find. Business websites can try CuratioSoft, Parse.ly, Curata and Digimind. Conversely, consumer – oriented websites can check out Tumblr, Storify, and Bundlr.

• When repurposing the content to find relevance in the content in relation to your topic, use tools that can help the audience find them more easily. Each tool is quite unique in the manner it does repurposing. Corporations can benefit by using paid tools that offer more features.

• Pick tools that can also be used to help you layout the curated content. There is a striking difference in the dimensions of a layout using tools. These are more professional-looking compared to those content presented in a layout done manually.

There are indeed many choices out there. The best content curation tools are those that can best meet your purpose. So before jumping into the bandwagon, re-examine your purpose.

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