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Redirect Checker

An odd thing, in the years I have been making sites and doing affiliate marketing I have never done much with redirects, preferring to use tools to create masked links etc.

Anyway, I needed to move away from the domain that carried my training site in its testbed form to its new home. This needed a redirect. I chose to use a .htaccess 301 redirect to take all visitors to the old site to the index page of the new site. I also needed to tell the search engines that this was a permanent change, hence the 301 redirect.

The code to make the change is dead easy, just put the following into your .htaccess file in the old site:


Redirect 301 /

Obviously you substitute the URL for the one that YOU want your visitors to go to.

If you want to see how to make some different types of redirect take a look at this article: How to make redirects.

I needed to check that the header information (invisible information sent to the visitors browser and to search engines) was correct so I needed a tool to confirm this for me.
A neat redirect checker It handles HTML and .htaccess redirects but not JavaScript redirects.

Given the problems that can ensue if one gets the redirect wrong it is worth checking and confirming that the job is done right.

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