How To Successfully Do Video Content Curation

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Video curation is in. Since Google released its new algorithms, content curation just got popular. It is now seen as a potent force to fight back the ferocity of Google’s Panda and Penguin Updates that annihilated hundreds of thousands of websites since its launch last April 2012. No wonder then that every webmaster you know is scrambling to do video curation while less technical publishers scuttle to learn more about it.

Learning the Basics

Content curation is the process by which high-quality contents are put together to step up the level of quality of website contents. The typical steps involved in video content creation are just the same as the creation of any content. These are finding a suitable content for curation, sorting and organizing these contents for easy access of interested readers, and sharing the curated content to increase its value.

Because of Google’s Updates, the interest to use video curation to step up the quality of web contents is among the most pursued strategy these days. There is, however, an obvious need to polish skills as sloppily crafted videos are fast growing in the Internet. Thus, the purpose to add value to unique video contents with great potential is lost.

Pointers for Successful Video Content Curation

• Start with a good curation plan and strategy. There are an overwhelming number of videos for curation all over the Internet. The task is too daunting. Using a tool or software is good at this stage. The task can be simplified and made efficient with the right tool.

• Find the right tool for finding the deserving video contents all over the Internet. If you are having difficulty deciding which tool to use, read about the recommendations of some experts in video curation. Read articles for research to find out about the experiences of webmasters, Internet marketers, and publishers.

• There are varied types of tools to use in the different types of videos. Therefore, it is hard to say which finder tool is really the best out there. Find out what the tools have to offer uniquely. Evaluating each tool is really quite hard especially because there are quite a number of handy tools out there. And because video content curation is hot, expect more to come out each time.  Scrutinize the tools that are strongly recommended and stay abreast with updates.

• Despite the presence of tools that can almost magically take away the bulk of work in video curation, no tool can replace the value of human judgment. This is most especially useful in video editing. It is hard to separate editing from human influences especially their experiences and expertise.

• Do your homework before embarking on your own video content curation. This ensures that you are prepared to face predictable challenges. Check the websites that are known to be doing video curation and listen to what they have to say.

• Stay abreast of the video curation tips that can help you improve the quality of your videos. Know the length that is ideal depending on the topic, the purpose, and the approach of the video. A good mix is something that is not too long or short. Make the video presentation rich in content but crisp and easy on the eyes and ears.

• Deciding on the organization style is important because options are as varied. If you must use tools or software, choose something that boosts findability as well as easy navigation. Make sure that everything is easy to find. Why not have sub-domains to be able to break up content into categories and series? Make your video more interactive or offer subscription. Give credits where it is due. Meaning, acknowledge the sources of the contents that were curated.

Video content curation is definitely a craze that every online marketer and publisher who is aware of the Google Updates want to adopt. It is selling like hotcakes, it is sensible and it helps to add value to video contents online.

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