Blogging for Business: The Mechanics of Increasing Readership

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One of the most important goals for business blogging is to grow the network of readers that find, interact with, and share the content. Much of this depends on knowing who the audience is, what they want to know, or what they are looking for and not just what the brand intends to achieve. Unfortunately, most companies still tend to think more about their brand than their target users or clients.

If a company intends to capture the hearts of a big readership, they must learn and apply effective blogging for business mechanics.   Find a niche related to your business. Make sure this is something not only related to your business but also related to your customers’ interests and concerns. Think of your expertise as well as what your business is good at; if this is your expertise, then it becomes easier to dominate. Think of the kind of content that you can create with authority. Think of it as the “go to” resource in that category – blog posts, videos, images, presentations, infographics, polls, interviews, live blogging, reports, etc.

Companies that want to get into blogging or to improve the performance of their blogging must consider the following blogging for business mechanics:

• Make the story interesting. Try to connect by sounding familiar. Use a tone that readers can easily relate to. It is best when the blog is told like a story because readers like gossip, inside stories and upbeat reports. Don’t get too technical and don’t make your content “too intellectual.”

• Feel your audience. Get to know how they feel or what they want. Think of the topics that are relevant to them. Write about the journey as you search for answers and solve problems. Readers like personal experiences. They readily relate with you. This is a good way to capture readership.

• Reach out to your audience. If you want your readers to be engaged and to identify with you and your “journey,” it is important that they find your blogs engaging. What is it that can engage your audience? Why don’t you ask them? There are many ways for you to know what your audience is thinking or what they are looking for in a blog. One way is through social media and niche-focused forums. These are great ways to interact with your readers. Reward readers who are active in providing information that are of value to you.

Quality vs. Quantity. The enterprising people will tell you that to succeed in the battle of content in the Internet “a quantity of quality is what wins with blog content.” That is hard because that is defying a universal law, which is the “k-selection (quality) or r-selection (quantity).” Nevertheless, the reality is that there’s just too much competition in blogging space. Hence, quality is important or the lurking Google Panda or Penguin would decimate your blog site. However, without quantity how can your content fare in the quintillion out there?

• Searching and sharing made easy. Quality is important because once it has been found, many will share it. Nevertheless, first it must be found. Hence, it is important that the blogs are not just good in terms of quality and relevance, it must also be easily found and to share. Being found makes it possible for your blog to land in the SERP (Search Engine Rank Page); that helps makes the blog and your site gain more readership or following.

It never pays to utilize an egocentric approach to business blogging. It can lead to missing a lot of opportunities and meaningful connections. Using these blogging for business mechanics allows bloggers and companies to make one to one and one-to-many communications. This is why content must take advantage of the engagement opportunities that interesting and relevant content gives.

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