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As soon as the Google’s new algorithm was out, Internet marketers got too busy finding a way to either avoid getting hit by Google or by finding strategies that can help meet the new algorithm. Content curation was suddenly the new buzzword that is exerting impact on various types of websites and blogs in the big Web.

As the solution to avoid being decimated by Google, it is viewed as among the most prized process that is attracting the attention of many Internet marketers. Curation tools and strategies are being deployed to meet the demand of this process. The challenge these days is for marketers to understand what is content curation and content curation goals. It is not good for anyone to jump into the band wagon not knowing what they are getting into.

What is content curation?

Content curation is a strategy that is used in article marketing aside from content creation. This strategy is effectively increasing the value of content by discovering and extracting top quality content to make them organized for presentation and sharing with the other users. It is becoming a marketing staple for many online companies as it continues to give the

Web Content Strategy Drives Enterprise Content...

Web Content Strategy Drives Enterprise Content Strategy (Photo credit: Daniel Eizans)

m a successful online visibility.

Content curation does not include content generation. Instead, it involves the gathering of content from a variety of sources. These are organized in such a manner so that the curated content comes with more value and relevance.

Why content curation?

• The Internet is loaded with hundreds of millions of websites. Each is generating content; there more than a quintillion articles in Web and these continue to grow by the seconds. Much of these content, both valuable and trash, continue to be lost as fast as they are created.  Content curation is an attempt to segregate the ones with superb quality, and organize them so that they can easily be tracked and accessed by readers. The other content curation goals are to prevent the massive lost of quality information while burying the contents that have poor quality. It also redirects the energy of marketers from creating content to curating them.

• Content curation also involves the processes of presenting and sharing them to communities. With the curated content being the center of discussions, these continue to be relevant while value is added from commenters and participants of the forums and social media communities.

• Content curation is rapidly being absorbed by many web marketers upon knowing that it is the best surefire formula against getting hit by Google. The fact that it is organized and that only the top contents are being curated imply added value to the content. This is what Google loves as the quality goes higher for the benefit of the Internet users.

• By providing fresh and relevant content that is organized, it boosts the SEO of site it resides in. It is tantamount to having new content everyday as discussions continue to add every day. This provides a most effective way to win the battle for PageRank results on Google. It also beats Google Updates threats as the content quality is even improved with content curation’s added value.

The threat by Google to decimate websites that will resist the kind of quality it is imposing is very real. Hundreds of thousands of sites have been axed a few hours after the Google Updates were released. The PageRank of the leading websites in article farming was pulled down by about 35 percent in less than 48 hours. Content curation goals clearly include surviving the onslaught of Google Updates. With everyone desperately trying to escape the claws of Google Updates and fighting hard to get to the top PageRank, content curation is fast becoming a trend and a star.

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