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Content curation is fast rising as a star after the dawning of the new Google Updates. It is a process that is effectively resurrecting quality content long after they were created. It is helping fight information overload in the big Web. It is adding value to the content that is already in the web. In addition, it is making the content

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dynamic which is something that Google wants. In this day and age, it is productive to learn content curation tips that can help publishers keep their websites alive while serving the target audience.

“Content curation” is often mistaken as “content aggregation.” Fundamentally, content curation is the process of collecting and organizing top quality content around a specific topic before sharing it with a target audience. Aggregation is almost the same except for the use of automating tools. These days, however, that difference is getting narrower and narrower with the way curation is being done these days.

One needs to appreciate the fact that the information glut in the Web with its quintillion contents is making the finding of the top quality content a very difficult task. In the face of this information overload, there is a need to focus more on content curation rather than content creation that is further congesting the Web. It does not mean that content creation must be stopped because there is still a need for high quality content for curation. There is just a need to start mainstreaming and extending the shelf life of quality contents.

With the demand and the benefits of content curation, more and more webmasters are falling into it. Here are some content curation tips that can help you improve the quality of your curation outputs:

• Focus on a niche. Scattering your collection cannot help you attain your goal of educating your audience. Your audience more probably is also seeking specialization and expecting the best content around the topic that you are working on.

• Go for the best content. Be discriminating when it comes to the gathering of content material for curation. The quality of curated material can only be as good as the original content. Further, remember that the purpose of curation is to mainstream the top quality content. There is actually no need to resurface poor content; that‘s double jeopardy.

• Get into the head of your audience. Know what they need and want by continuously listening and responding to them. Remember that content curation works because of the value that curation is adding to the content. Thus, it is most important that curation be done only to those contents that can sensibly fill a need.

• Make a mix for a refreshing change. Curating does not only mean adding value to top quality content; it can also mean collecting and organizing top contents and top curated contents. It is another way to further reduce information glut and to further enhance the value of the materials.

• Roll the credits. Since curation calls for gathering, organizing, putting sense and sharing of previously created top quality contents, it most important to give credits to the sources of the contents. It is an infringement to the Intellectual Property Rights not to do so. It is also against the prevailing “Netiquettes.”

• Use the right tools to overcome herculean challenges. Despite being against automation that is thought to be dehumanizing social interactions with the target audience, there is no other way to surmount the challenges offered by voluminous information in the web. It can, of course, be mixed with human or personal touch particularly when doing the edits. There are many tools available for curation and each is different from the others. Picking the right tool is important. Heeding the recommendations of those who have used or reviewed these tools is a good way to start. It will take too much time to evaluate each tool just to find the right fit.

Content curation is not just about wild guessing and collecting contents. It is more than that, but it gets easier with sound content curation tips. You can help overcome info glut in the Web and satisfy Google Updates by content curation.

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