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A task I often have is to uncompress (UnZip, unRAR or whatever) loads of files. At one time this meant an endless chore of sitting and clicking.

A couple of years ago I came across the solution to my problem and like all my favourite solutions it is free of charge.

The solution is a small program called ‘UnZipThemAll’ and it does what it says!
To unzip a folder of files you simply select the folder through the program interface, the application will identify the compressed files, you then confirm the operation and the location of the uncompressed files and then click the GO button. Quickly and efficiently the software will uncompress your files where you want them to be.

I love this little application and apologise for not having mentioned it before.
You can read more and download from this location: UnzipThemAll Download

BTW, if you like the thing, donate a few dollars to the writer, it is worth it!

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