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Most of us running niche websites have something of a problem when it comes to content for our sites. Some people can churn out a seemingly endless stream of words that read well and inform as well as entertain readers. I have  a friend, a former journalist, who seems able to make good quality articles at about the same speed that most of us can speak. His talent has stood him in good stead for many years in the internet marketing niche.

Others have it tougher and spend ages writing a single article. Some people get other people to write for them with the benefit of getting, hopefully, unique content but usually at a price that is hard to bear. It is rare these days to find anyone writing articles for less than $1 per 100 words and still rarer that the words should be worth reading. I have commissioned articles as much as $50 each and still have not gotten anywhere close to the top range in such things.

An option that some people use is PLR or Private Label Rights. I am not going to drone on with the cliched stuff about PLR, a lot of what people will tell you is rubbish anyway.

Here’s what PLR can do for you (and your websites):

Good quality PLR can provide you with website content that is informative and worth reading. You can get the benefit of content that is worth reading and that provides worthwhile reader value for just a few cents per article but with the downside that your article will be used by other people on their own pages.

Some people use PLR as a foundation for their own writing, taking articles that fit their needs and then rewriting and altering them to make them unique to their own pages and suiting the needs of their site visitors as well as a commissioned article by a professional writer can do.

I have over the years tended to take PLR content and not change it very much, for this reason I try to buy only the best material, articles that are well written, are grammatically and factually correct and are interesting to read. Surprisingly little PLR is well written and, in my opinion, the quality has fallen over the years snce I bought my first PLR articles in 2005.

What PLR do I buy?

I use a lot of content on my sites and for my automated websites system and I tend to stick to the same providers for much of it.

My favourite for interesting and slightly unusual content has to be PLRPro, they have been going since 2005 and I was one of their very first clients. I have in my content database most of the articles they have ever sold and am still using content that I first used 7 years ago. PLPPro are now on their 4th version, each relaunch tracking changes in the needs of their clients, some of whom have been around for as long as I have. The 4th generation offering has article packs on topics such as these:

Customized Fat Loss

Deer Hunting

Tattoo Designs

Stock Photography

Emergency Preparedness

and many, many more.

To give an idea of the depth that the articles go to in their coverage here’s a list of the titles from the stock photography package:

  • Best Stock Photography:  Creativity Shared Online  731 words
  • Getting a Snapshot of Royalty-Free Stock Photography  709 words
  • Getting into the Mainstream – Taking, Submitting, and Selling Of Stock Photography Photos   733 words
  • Get Your Snaps Online through Stock Photography Agencies   750 words
  • How to Make Money from Stock Photography Sites  710 words
  • Print Materials Made Affordable with Cheap Stock Photography  735 words
  • Right Managed and Free Royalty Stock Photography Overview  710 words
  • Taking Stock of What Is Stock Photography   759 words
  • The Best Way to Sell Stock Photography Online  759 words
  • What Free Stock Photography Means to Those Who Need it  765 words

These articles really do give readers the impression that they were written by people who know about their topic and, as you can see from the word counts, they go into some depth with every article being at least 700 words.

Each package is available for download by just 100 people at which point the article package is retired and replaced by another in the same niche within about 7 days. Members get to vote on the new packages that should be added to the system making the content very much client driven.

If you have purchased one of my Automated Website packages these articles make an ideal complement to help you to give your websites the personal touch.

So, if you want to bridge the gap between writing your own articles and commissioning an expert to write for you give PLRPro a look. The most popular package brings the price of 10 well written articles down to less than $5 or 50 cents each. You will not go wrong with




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