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I put together this list of keyword feeds for use in automatic blogging projects. They can be used as replacements for the feeds I supply with the automated blogs. Bear in mind that you will probably need to update these feeds more often than once per day and also, you may find you need to use more than one feed per keyword/category.

URL formats for making custom rss feeds.

The following is a list of URL formats that can be used to build keyword based custom feeds. To use them just replace the words dental & insurance with your own keywords. If you need more words just follow the URL format and add as many keywords as you need. These are very useful for building autoblogs to support niche sites (or automated blogs).

Have fun.

Google News:

Google Blogsearch: Article Directory:

url search:

Technorati Blog search:

Blogdigger feed aggregator: social bookmark feed:

IceRocket Blog search:

API news agency feed:

Scuttle social bookmark feed:

MSN News:

MSN Search:

Newsnetplus feed aggregator:

Washington Post:

Topix Feeds:

Yahoo! News Feeds:

Yahoo! search engine feeds:

Yooci search engine:

Furl Social Bookmarking: Social Bookmarking:

Plazoo search engine:

FeedsFarm aggregator:

Flickr Photosharing:

Feedster aggregator:

Find Articles Directory: If you find more of these, please post them. One can never have too many of keyword feeds! 

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